Welcome to the Alliance!

Bianca, the first NFT project committed to creating
a strong chain of alliances from where you are and beyond.

Creating a great anchor of global support with
this chain of alliances from every corner of the earth.

Alliance Walk

The Alliance is just beginning, where all can realize who they are and what they can be,especially women. The powers that we can stand against and the tables we can turn. The Bianca Alliance is here and, it is time to stand for something solid and realistic.

We all know that actions are louder than words and Bianca wants them to be heard!

Bianca holders will be the Alliance community against power play in the SOCIETY and the CYBERSPACE
The origins of Bianca is to clear the misconceptions out there and exhibit WOMEN EMPOWERMENT
Bianca Alliance will create chains from cities and regions around the globe to fully realize its utmost vision
Bianca is not a fun token. It is intended to be an EXPRESSIVE TOKEN
The Bianca Alliance is an exclusive brand in the making, to accrue, brandish and push talents from everywhere
Bianca Alliance envisions to be the first and only token for ACTIVISM and PERSONALITY EMPOWERMENT