Bianca Origins

Biancas are made, they are not born. Due to a lot of imbalance and lawlessness in Lanporia the first Bianca was made. Her name was Baylan. An elegant and beautiful young woman who decided to take matters into her own hands and turn the violent winds of Lanporia. Baylan trained herself to fight and went on with that regular abilities to take down the corrupt officials, chiefs, the leaders and the abusive men to help the weak. This sparked an outrage in the whole of Lanporia, for such was unprecedented.

Now, she was branded as a target and threat with a heavy bounty on her head. Only her life can cure the peace she has taken from the corrupted ones. The lone ranger made her arms strong for she made up her mind that, nothing is going to stop her except death.

Kaokusans, the worshipers of Kaokus(A deity in the Land) became furious and took the pursue of Baylan's life as an emergency for their sect. The Kaokusans are very rich and powerful, capable of commanding the sky, winds and weather of Lanporia with the embarkment of their great god Kaokus. They have so much authority that their actions and inactions were never questioned. When these worshipers got involved, her resistance grew weaker and weaker. She was hunted and apprehended on one sunny day. Her attack came from all directions and she had no support, no treatments for her wounds and no place to hide. The only way out this, is to face death because the forces overwhelmed her. To the helpless, only death is their rescue.

Baylan is caught, beaten up and imprisoned. She could not hold up any longer and gave up the ghost. Kaokus worshipers wrapped the corpse with cloths and threads like a mummy, dumped her into the great river(river Mahl) in the midnight after offering celebrating and offering rites to Kaokus. Everyone knows the many treasures and supplications the Mahl river gives to the people this was very abominable but none knew and this made the river to become salty and fishes began floating around. It was a horrendous period but a joy to the corrupted souls.

Now, months later, river Mahl delivered a package to the villagers. A body wrapped as a mummy was found at the banks of the great river. In a matter of days drastic signs of life was seen from Mahl again. They told the watcher of the town about the body and immediately upon description he knew who and what it was and advised that it shouldn't be touched. All parties involved was notified and they decided to burry her. Burry her but not on land, again, in river Mahl after all the disaster that has happened. The extent of their wickedness. For they said "it is good that she is banished, even unto death". So they blocked the flow of the river in the midnight and digged deeper than rock bottom to burry the body

The story might seem to have ended, but that was just the beginning. "Unless a grain of seed falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds".

Baylan, mummified and buried in the river, has resurrected!. She is back to life as if she never left!. From the corners of the streets, schools, market places and under every roof in the whole land, it was whispered among the people that Baylan is back alive. They began asking themselves questions and made many assumptions with all kinds of theories about how she came back walking amongst them. How did this happened? What really happened inside the river?. I also don't know what happened but the concealed story told at the fish port is that:"At dawn, a fisherman casted his net into the deep on the river, after 2 hours it almost felt like a bad day until the net became heavy. He drew the net onboard and uncovered the mystery.

That's just it, no addition, was a bad day indeed. They can't believe it but what matters now is that Baylan is really back, on land, alive."One mouth may accuse but many can judge(one mouth is only an accusation but many mouths is/becomes a judgement)". The people say Baylan has been judge and has resurrected because she has a white heart( A pure heart). So everyone both young and old, all began calling her "white heart woman" which turned into "white woman"- Bianca.

Bianca has become revered and very fearsome especially to the unscrupulous in the society. Calls for a second hunt was made but they couldn't realize that the first one was for Baylan but this time, it is for a Bianca. Many people from Lanporia and beyond decided to stand with her and join her course because they have witnessed that no matter how weaker one maybe when it comes to justice, you would be served. Kaokus worshipers is making a fresh wave to destroy her. But she has faced death once already and won't die twice. The other women who allied with her also died in the course but came back to life in the manner a Bianca is made, but not all of them, because of their hearts, they all got served. So the few has also become Biancas to the stand against and uproot evil from Lanporia and yonder.

The first Bianca never took off the mummy wrappings from her face. They asked her why and she said "One doesn't need to be beautiful or handsome to ask for his/her due, there is no beauty or makeup in justice"

Worth Knowing

Becoming an Ally will be a great honor to the Alliance. Joining will bridge all gaps and create a momentum for the Bianca Alliance where the Alliance aims to create and break into a successful brand for all Allies.😊

Every Ally has a significant benefit from the Bianca Brand. This is the kind of a web3 brand the Alliance makes sure every Ally gets a decent percentage upon every sales the Bianca Brand makes. And so we aim to recruit from the Alliance to increase innovativeness and productivity.

After the first set of Biancas, any decisions about second set of collection will be decided by the Allies of the Alliance.

Yes, every Bianca NFT carries an individual portion of the Alliance and the Bianca Brand.

Yes, the Alliance is currently finding representatives to build units from everywhere around the globe. You are the one we need, Talk To Us Now.